Line Output Transformers

Carnhill’s range of line output transformers


Line output transformers allow any balanced or unbalanced output stage circuit topology to drive any equipment input, whether balanced or unbalanced, without regard to special connection rules or specific cables. Due to the isolation they afford, hum is substantially reduced. Typically used for high performance output stage circuits.

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Our line output transformers are available in:

  • Wire Lead – Standard wire termination with retainer clamp
  • PCB Mount – For direct soldering to printed circuit boards

See the table below to view the datasheets and associated ISO information for this product:

Product nameImpedance ratioMax output power (W)Application
CUI30A02E70 / 280 to 600 / 2k41Pro audio signal balanced line output
CUI30A04E150 / 6001Pro audio signal balanced line output
TF02132Speaker isolation
N35A002F4k / 15k to 3 / 8 / 153.5Multi-tapped general purpose