Push-Pull Transformers

Carnhill’s range of push-pull transformers


A range of Push-Pull Output Transformers for valve power amplifiers, designed to match the valve data in the data sheets.

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Our push-pull transformers are available in:

  • Wire Lead – Standard wire termination with retainer clamp
  • PCB Mount – For direct soldering to printed circuit boards

See the table below to view the datasheets and associated ISO information for this product:

Product nameImpedance ratioMax output power (W)Application
D29A09F6k6 to 3.75 / 7.5 / 1510EL84
N35A004F8k C.T. to 8 / 1615EL84
R35A03F5k C.T. to 4 / 812ECL82
V78A01F5k6 to 4 / 8 / 1625EL34