Line Input Transformers

Carnhill’s range of line input transformers


Typically used to balance any high impedance unbalanced input, for eliminating hum and buzz in line-level signals, Faraday-shielded input transformers are the preferred solution. Transformer-less inputs suffer “breakthrough” noise in electrically-hostile environments, but transformers are unaffected.

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Our line input transformers are available in:

  • Wire Lead – Standard wire termination with retainer clamp
  • PCB Mount – For direct soldering to printed circuit boards

See the table below to view the datasheets and associated ISO information for this product:

Product nameImpedance ratioTurns ratioMax input @ 30 Hz
A262A7E600 / 2k4 to 600 / 2k41+1 to 1+1+10dBu
A262A8E2k5 / 10k to 2k5 / 10k1+1 to 1+1+15dBu
A262A41E1k/4k to 1k/4k1+1 to 1+1+12dBu
K30A06C2k4 + 2k4 to 10k2 to 1+1 +20dBu
Z21806C10k1 to 1 -10dBu
Z21807C10k - 20k15th January 1900 +15dBu
Z218A07C600 / 2400 to 600 / 24001+1 to 1+1+10dBu