Moving Coil Transformers

Carnhill’s range of moving coil transformers


Step-up Moving Coil Transformers match low-output, low impedance moving-coil pickups to standard phono preamps. The harmonic distortion in Moving Coil Transformers is greatest at the lowest frequencies and falls rapidly as the frequency rises, whereas in transistor amplifiers distortion more usually rises as the frequency rises. The outcome is that although transformers aren’t absolutely free of distortion, the distortion is very benign compared to the distortion produced by many transistor amplifiers.

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Our moving coil transformers are available in:

  • Wire Lead – Standard wire termination with retainer clamp
  • PCB Mount – For direct soldering to printed circuit boards

See the table below to view the datasheets and associated ISO information for this product:

Product nameImpedance ratioTurns ratioMax input @ 20 Hz
A187A16C/130 - 100 to 49k1 C.T. to 7 + 10500uV